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Icing / Piping Bag Ties - Wilton

Icing / Piping Bag Ties - Wilton

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Icing bag ties are used to seal the open end of an decorating or piping bag. Once you've filled the icing bag with frosting or icing, you twist the top of the bag and secure it with the tie. This prevents any frosting from leaking out and allows you to maintain better control over the flow of icing.

Why should you use an icing bag tie?

  • Better Control: By securing the open end of the bag with a tie, you can apply consistent pressure and achieve more precise and uniform decorations
  • Minimize Waste: Using icing bag ties reduces frosting waste. You can seal the bag when you're finished using it, preventing excess icing from being exposed to air and drying out.
  • Hygiene: Icing bag ties help maintain the hygiene of your decorating process by sealing the bag and preventing contamination

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