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Ambrosia Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers

Ambrosia Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers

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Ambrosia Landmark Milk Chocolate Coating is now made in WAFERS!!!

These wafers feature the same wonderful aroma & wax-free milk chocolate taste as the blocks you may have used in the past! Perfect for dipping, making chocolate candies with one of our 1000s of chocolate molds, or making a chocolate bark!

This is a chocolate coating, often referred to as a confectioners' or candy coating, it's a convenient alternative to traditional chocolate, bypassing the need for tempering to achieve a glossy, hardened finish. Its unique composition, which substitutes cocoa butter with vegetable fats like palm kernel oil, eliminates the need for tempering, simplifying the chocolate-making process.

The Benefits of Chocolate Wafers:

  • Less Mess (no more busting up the blocks with that old hammer)
  • Easier Melting (wafers dissipate heat better w/ less risk of hot spots that can seize up your chocolate)

PLEASE NOTE Melting Can Occur in Transit

We do not pack the chocolate in ice packs. If ordering during warm months or shipping to a warm state, melting will occur. We cannot be responsible for any chocolate that arrives melted. If melting occurs, it can be remelted without any performance or taste issues.

Ambrosia Chocolate Storage Guidleines

For optimal freshness and quality, your Ambrosia milk chocolate wafers deserve the perfect storage conditions. Keep them in a space that's cool, dry, and free from strong odors, maintaining a cozy temperature range between 60-70°F. It's important to ensure the relative humidity stays under 50% to preserve the delicate balance of your chocolate.

A well-ventilated room is ideal, and remember to elevate your chocolate, storing it away from direct contact with the floor. Avoid refrigeration or freezing your wafers; such conditions can lead to condensation, which may thicken the chocolate when you're ready to melt it down for your next delectable creation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Casey S.

Ambrosia Landmark Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers

Arnold F.

Was great to find this8

T W.
Making candy

I bought 10 lb. blocks of this candy years ago. Actually visited the Ambrosia factory in Milwaukee. This makes the best candy. Delivery was quick. Already made peanut clusters.

Florence C.R.

I've ordered from Lynn's for about 3 years now. And every order has been handled perfectly. More importantly, the quality of the product is excellent.

Thomas W.

Quality chocolate is where our candy making starts. Lynn’s chocolate. We have used Lynn’s’ chocolate for years. No seizing - no reheating, just melt and dip.