Collection: Chocolate Molds

At Lynn's Cake, Candy, and Chocolate Supplies, we proudly offer an unique selection of chocolate molds, boasting over 1,000 designs in our collection! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, New Year's Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any special moment in between, our extensive range ensures that you have the perfect mold for every occasion.

As a lovers of all things chocolate, we're here to support your chocolate crafting adventures. Our molds are meticulously crafted to be both food-safe and durable, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees. Dive into a world of fun with our children-friendly designs featuring whimsical shapes like dinosaurs, farm animals, easter bunnies, and much more. Each mold is a testament to quality, made with care to guarantee your chocolates come out looking as good as they taste.

Our chocolate molds aren't just for chocolates; they're versatile! Made from flexible materials, they allow for the easy release of your creations while preserving the intricate details of each design. While these molds are ideal for a variety of uses, it's important to note they're not suitable for high-heat applications like hard tack candy, hot sugar, or isomalt. We also recommend handwashing all of these molds as high temps in the dishwasher could damage the intricate designs.

Discover the perfect chocolate mold for your next project by browsing our categories or using the search function. All our chocolate molds, which are FDA approved for food safety, embody the spirit of creativity and quality craftsmanship. Remember, if you're venturing into isomalt or hot sugar candies, explore our selection of hard candy molds designed for those very purposes.