Edible Photo Frosting Sheet

Edible Photo Frosting Sheet Service

Edible images are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, & more celebrations!

What Can I Print?

You can print personal photos or any licensed/copyright image from our system. Due to licensing and copyright issues, we are unable to print licensed/copyrighted images outside of our system. Please email us to see what we have available for specific licensed images.

How It Works

Once you have found the image you would like to print, please email us the image in JPEG FORMAT to lynn@lynnscakeandcandy.com. After you have emailed us the image, come into the store. The printing process takes anywhere from 5-15 min. per sheet. We ONLY print images upon arrival - we want you to approve the preview before we hit print! We do not print images in advance for pick up. You must arrive 1 hour PRIOR TO CLOSING to ensure we can print off your image that day.

Editing Your Image

We offer a simple printing service, NOT a graphic design service. Our printable surface is approximately 9 1/8" x 7 1/2". Our software allows us to crop the image, expand the whole image, shrink the whole image, and add writing with many color and font options. The price per sheet is determined by how many images we have to import into our system. Typically, we don't upload more than 2 photos for your sheet. If you need more, refer to the bottom for guidance.

How to Apply & Store Your Edible Image

Do NOT freeze or refrigerate. Avoid storing in a humid environment. Keep at room temp, image side down to avoid fading. When ready to apply, peel off backer, and apply to moist white frosting. Watch our How To Apply an Edible Image YouTube Video Below! *Please note the images adhere to moisture. Too much moisture will cause the image to bleed and not enough will cause the image not to adhere properly. It is recommended to apply the frosting sheet immediately after frosting your cake. *

Edible Image Pricing

  • $12 per sheet if we upload 1-2 images
  • $22 per sheet if we upload 3-5 images
  • $30 per sheet if we upload 6-8 images
  • $40 per sheet if we upload 9-12 images

**To avoid higher fees for multiple images, simply create a Word document, PowerPoint, or choose from multiple apps to create your piece. Email the collage to us to receive the standard $12.00 1-2 image charge**