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Pie Weights

Pie Weights

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These ceramic weights quickly and evenly distribute heat, ensuring well-baked crusts for pies, quiches, tarts, and more. These are reusable and washable. Sold in 11oz. bags.Typically 11 oz of pie weights is ideal for 9" pie.

Key Features:

Prevents Crust Shrinkage:Pie weights keep the dough in place, ensuring the crust maintains its shape and size. Making them essential for blind baking!

Prevents Bubbling: As pastry dough bakes, steam can cause the formation of air bubbles or puff up in areas. Pie weights ensure the crust remains flat, providing a smooth surface for your filling.

Crispier Bottom: By keeping the dough in direct contact with the hot baking surface, pie weights help in achieving a more even, crispier bottom crust.

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