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Hunchback Spiders Cake Toppers - 12 Pack

Hunchback Spiders Cake Toppers - 12 Pack

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Catch the Creepy-Crawlies!

Overview: Welcome to the sticky web of fun with our Hunchback Spiders Cake Toppers! This 12-pack of eerily realistic arachnids adds a touch of the macabre to your desserts. Perfect for Halloween feasts, garden parties, or scaring the heebie-jeebies out of your arachnophobic friends (all in good fun, of course).

Spine-Tingling Features:

  • Lifelike Detail: With glossy black bodies and slender legs, these spiders are so realistic, they might just make your sweets scuttle away!
  • Spooky Surprises: Ideal for Halloween treats or to playfully decorate a bug-themed educational event.
  • Food Safe Fun: Frighten your taste buds, not your tummy. These plastic creepy-crawlies are 100% food safe.

Product Details: A dozen toppers, each measuring 1.7 x 1.4 x 0.75 inches, crafted to last longer than your candy stash.

Dare to bring the scare to your next party? Click Add to Cart for a web of delicious dread that'll have your guests talking long after the last crumb has disappeared.

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