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Guittard Decoratiff - Chocolate Sprinkles

Guittard Decoratiff - Chocolate Sprinkles

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We do not ship these with ice packs. The Chocolate Sprinkles may melt during shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures or when shipped to warmer states. We are NOT responsible if product arrives melted. We reserve the right to package your sprinkles in a clear bag instead of a hinged container (due to shipping box size).

These chocolate sprinkles are great for truffle rolling, cookies, candies, on drinks, and on ice cream. Wow, taste the difference!!!!

Made in a peanut and gluten free facility, the ingredients are: sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, soya lecithin, confectioner's glaze, corn syrup, salt, and vanillin.

4 Ounce package

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