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Flower Nail #14 - 3"

Flower Nail #14 - 3"

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Flower Nail #14 is the perfect tool for creating beautiful flowers with royal icing or buttercream icing. This flower nail gives you the control needed to pipe roses, daisies, and more.

This Piping Nail has a 3" diameter making it ideal for large icing flowers. Sold individually.

How to Use:

  1. Attach Petal: Place a small dab of icing on the nail's head, then set a square of parchment paper on top.
  2. Shape Petals: Rotate the nail between your fingers as you pipe petals, building your flower up and out.
  3. Transfer with Ease: Once complete, gently slide the parchment paper off the nail to a drying area or use a Flower Lifter to directly lift and place on the cake.
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