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Dry Fondant Drivert Sugar

Dry Fondant Drivert Sugar

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Dry Fondant Easy Fond Drivert Sugar

Sold in a 2.5 pound zip locked bag or 1 pound bag.

  • Used for making creamy candy centers or chocolate covered cherries
  • 8% invert

Each bag comes with the following recipe

1.5 lb dry fondant, 1/4 cup whipping cream, 1/2 cup softened butter, flavoring (choose from our HUGE selection of Lorann edible oil-based flavors)

Combine dry fondant w/ butter, cover, let stand overnight

Heat cream until it boils, then pour over the dry fondant mixture, let cool, knead smooth, add flavors/colors as desired, roll into ball, dip into 1 of our melted chocolate coatings, refrigerate for 30 min

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