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Chocolate Coated Rice Pearls

Chocolate Coated Rice Pearls

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We do not ship these with ice packs. The Chocolate Beads may melt during shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures or when shipped to warmer states. We are NOT responsible if product arrives melted. We reserve the right to package your sprinkles in a clear bag instead of a hinged container (due to shipping box size).

Take your desserts to the next level with these delicious chocolate covered crunchy beads. The crisped rice balls are coated with REAL CHOCOLATE - milk, dark, and white. Each bead measures approximately 1/8" - 3/16" diameter. Sold in a 1/10 of a pound size. Depending the size of your order and box required to ship it, we reserve the right to package your product in a sealed bag instead of a plastic clamshell container.

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