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Wavy Neon Birthday Candles

Wavy Neon Birthday Candles

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Wavy Neon Birthday Candles

Light up your birthday celebrations with these vibrant Wavy Neon Birthday Candles! Each pack includes an assortment of brightly colored candles in neon green, orange, pink, and yellow. Their wavy design adds a playful twist, making them perfect for any fun-filled party.


  • Wavy design for a fun and unique look
  • Assorted neon colors: green, orange, pink, and yellow
  • Each candle measures 3 1/2" tall
  • Perfect for birthday cakes and other festive treats
  • 8 candles per package

Bring a burst of color and excitement to your next celebration with these Wavy Neon Birthday Candles. They're sure to make any cake stand out and bring joy to your party!

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