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Callebaut Milk Chocolate Callets

Callebaut Milk Chocolate Callets

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Callebaut's milk chocolate callets are a real treat for chocolate lovers. They're made with 33.6% cocoa, striking a perfect balance between milk, cocoa, and caramel tastes. These little gems are designed for melting, with a medium fluidity that makes them versatile for a range of uses like molding, enrobing, or flavoring. What's cool is that they keep their shape when baked, so they're a dream for adding a chocolatey touch to cookies and muffins.

  • Callebaut Recipe Number 823
  • 33.6% Cocoa
  • 21.8% Milk
  • 30.2% Cocoa Butter

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT pack the chocolate in ice packs. If ordering during warm months or shipping to a warm state, melting will occur. WE cannot replace any chocolate that arrives melted. If melting occurs, it can be remelted without any performance or taste issues.

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