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3" Circle Cookie Cutter

3" Circle Cookie Cutter

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The 3" Round Cookie Cutter is a versatile must-have. Beyond shaping the perfect circular cookies, this cutter has an array of uses, making it a valuable addition to your cookie cutter collection. Hand washing your cookie cutter is recommended.

Endless Creativity:

  • Cookies: From classic shortbread to cookies - let your creativity fly!
  • Fondant: Precisely cut fondant circles for cake and cupcake decorations.
  • Biscuits: Create round delights.
  • Pastries: Design elegant pastries.

Bonus Ideas!

  • Fruit and Vegetable Shapes: Add a playful touch to fruit platters or veggie trays.
  • Cheese or Cold Cuts: Elevate your charcuterie board with neatly shaped pieces.
  • Ravioli: Can be used to cut small rounds of pasta.
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