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Tartaric Acid - powder

Tartaric Acid - powder

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Tartaric Acid has a sharper, more biting level of tartness than Citric Acid.

Tartaric Acid is a natural crystalline compound most often found in grapes and is the principal acid in wine and the component that promotes aging and crispness of flavor.

DRY: Product should be kept in closed container in dark area with low humidity.
LIQUID: product should be kept in an amber bottle with dropper. Storage in amber bottle will prolong life of the acid. Store liquid tartaric acid in cool environment.

Liquid acid will last about 1 year. Crystallized acid may appear on the rim of the bottle. Wipe bottle top with damp warm cloth and remove crystals.

Dissolve tartaric acid crystals in warm water (approx. 85-90’F) at a 1:1 ratio of 1 ounce water to 1 ounce tartaric acid. Pour liquid into amber bottle and use as needed.

Tartaric acid is added to sugar because it produces a reaction that is desired by sugar artists. Acid inverts (splits) parts of the sugar to simpler sugars (fructose & glucose) The inversion prevents the sugar from crystallization.
Too much acid added to sugar will invert too much sugar to simpler sugars. When this occurs the simpler sugars will not be able to support poured or pulled items. The sugar will be easier to pull, but showpieces will collapse and bend.


Tartaric Acid 3.4 oz bottle

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