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Stainless Steel Cake Ring 8" x 2"

Stainless Steel Cake Ring 8" x 2"

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Bake: Individual desserts, cake, chocolates, entremets, and pastries.
Freeze: Great for using as ice cream molds.
Cut: Round slices of dough, cookies, and cake.
Form: Mousse, egg, and pancake rings.
Mold: Layering dishes, stacking foods, and gourmet plate presentations!
Craft: Candles, soap molds, or even napkin rings.

  • Easy release and clean up
  • Even heating – NO hot spots!
  • 18-gauge polished stainless steel (1 mm thickness)
  • Temperature rated up to 932° F (500° C)
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe (hand wash recommended)

Sold Individually. Measures 8" x 2".

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