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Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers

Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers

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Merckens Dark Chocolate Coating is one of our bestselling dark chocolates. Merckens Dark is mild dark chocolate that is smooth and has no bitter after taste. This allows kids and people who are not dark chocolate fans to still enjoy this dark chocolate! All candy makers are pleased with the non-waxy, creamy, mild dark chocolate taste and easy workability of this chocolate coating. This chocolate is excellent for chocolate barks, mold work, dipping, outer shell of truffles, hot cocoa bombs & more!

Looking for a chocolate coating with more of a dark chocolate flavor? Try the Peters Dark Chocolate Coating listed below!

Known for consistent and superior quality, the Merckens brand of chocolate has been used by premium chocolate retail confectioners for more than 100 years. Merckens Chocolate is a leading brand in the home candy-making and cake-decorating markets as well as professionals. They have a low melting point making them extremely easy to work with.

Choose from various quantities above. Add our LorAnn Oils to flavor this dark chocolate, some of our favorite flavors include raspberry, strawberry, cherry, & spearmint.

We do NOT pack the chocolate in ice packs. If ordering during warm months or shipping to a warm state, melting will occur. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any chocolate that arrives melted. If melting occurs, it can be remelted without any performance or taste issues.

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