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Colored Buttercream-Style Dairy Free Frosting

Colored Buttercream-Style Dairy Free Frosting

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  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan

WOW - the flavor of our buttercream style frosting is second to none!

Choose from elegant white or multiple color selections.

All the work of getting that perfect color is already done for you! Plus it's good for up to 6 months! 

"Buttercream style icing" means that this has no dairy in it. It's made with oil instead of butter - no fatty film on the roof of your mouth anymore! We repackage the frosting from the pail to smaller containers. We fill the smaller containers until they are full, we do not sell our packaged frosting at one specific weight. When ordering smaller sizes, we will get as close as possible to weight ordered and then refund any left over funds back to your card if the weight does not match up exactly.

We do NOT pack the frosting in ice packs. If ordering during warm months or shipping to a warm state, separation and/or sloppiness may occur. Even during cooler months, a package can sit in the back of a hot delivery vehicle for a long time. We are not responsible if your frosting arrives separated or sloppy. If it is sloppy, put it in the fridge and it will solidify back up. It will be quite thick when removing it from the fridge so you'll need to let it get a little warmer before piping.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynn's colored butter creme.

The colored butter creme is extraordinary. I don't think I could get such vibrant colors. Saved more than one project. Makes those spiderman cakes perfect. Thank you so much.