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Bug Collections Cake Topper Kit

Bug Collections Cake Topper Kit

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Bake a Culinary Critter Quest!

Calling all bug enthusiasts and nature lovers! Our Bug Collections Cake Topper Kit is here to bring the wonder of the great outdoors to your dessert table. With textured chocolate icing that mimics the forest floor, a vibrant green bug-catching jar, fluttering dragonflies, and a sprinkle of rocks and leaves, this kit transforms any cake into a woodland adventure.

Why It's Unbe-leaf-ably Cool:

  • Entomologist Approved: Perfect for birthdays or celebrations for the bug-curious, each element adds a touch of exploration and fun.
  • Woodland Wonders: The forest floor comes to life on your cake, complete with all the details nature enthusiasts adore.
  • No Bugs About It: These cake toppers are charming, not creepy, ensuring your guests are delighted, not daunted.

Kit Contents: Your bug collection expedition includes a bug jar, and assorted insects. All non-edible elements are made with food-safe materials and can be used again on future baking explorations.

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