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Airbrush Complete Cake Kit

Airbrush Complete Cake Kit

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Complete Airbrush Cake Kit

Transform your cake decorating skills with the Complete Airbrush Cake Kit. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to get started with airbrushing, making it perfect for bakeries or personal use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced decorator, this kit provides the tools to achieve stunning, professional-quality results.

Included in the kit:

  • G23 Master Brand Airbrush: A multi-purpose, high-performance airbrush featuring a 0.3mm needle/nozzle for precise and detailed work.
  • TC-22 Master Brand Mini Portable Airbrush Compressor: This compact and portable compressor comes with a 110V AC plug, making it easy to use and transport.
  • 5' Braided Air Hose: Includes a quick disconnect and air flow adjustment valve for convenience and control.
  • Sturdy Storage/Carrying Case: Keeps all components organized and protected, making it easy to store and transport your kit.
  • Free How-To Airbrush Booklet: Provides essential tips and techniques to help you master the art of airbrushing.

Note: This kit does not include bottles of airbrush color. Make sure to purchase your desired colors separately to get started with your decorating projects.

With the Complete Airbrush Cake Kit, you can create beautiful, intricate designs and add vibrant colors to your cakes with ease. Elevate your cake decorating game and impress your clients or guests with professional airbrushing techniques.

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