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Smooth Heart Chocolate Mold

Smooth Heart Chocolate Mold

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Creating your own chocoaltes with the Smooth Heart Chocolate Mold from Lynn's, thoughtfully crafted to add a dash of romance to your culinary and crafting ventures:

  • Perfect Size for Sweet Creations: Each heart cavity measures 1⅝" x 1⅝" x ⅜", providing a delightful size for bite-sized chocolates that are as sweet as they are charming.
  • Batch Ready: The mold boasts twelve cavities, enabling you to produce around 50 pieces per pound of chocolate—ideal for satisfying a crowd or stocking up for a special day.
  • Beyond Chocolate: This versatile tool transcends its primary use; it's also perfect for soap making, plaster, and concrete crafting, allowing your creativity to flourish in various mediums.
  • Quality Assurance: Made with first-quality plastic and FDA approved to ensure your crafting is not only creative but also safe and reliable.
  • Care Instructions: To maintain its condition, this durable mold should be hand-washed as it is not dishwasher safe. It's designed for chocolate and should not be used with hard candy or hot ingredients.

Bring your heartfelt ideas to life and add a personal touch to your creations with this essential Smooth Heart Chocolate Mold. Whether for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, or just because, it's a sweet way to express creativity and affection.

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