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Butterfly Assortment Candle Set

Butterfly Assortment Candle Set

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Butterfly Assortment Candle Set

Bring a flutter of fun to your celebration with this Butterfly Assortment Candle Set! Perfect for adding a whimsical touch to birthday cakes and cupcakes, this set includes six colorful butterfly candles. Each candle measures 1.5", making them the ideal size to brighten up any dessert.


  • Set includes 6 colorful butterfly-shaped candles
  • Each candle measures 1.5"
  • Perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and more
  • Adds a whimsical touch to any celebration

Light up your party with these delightful Butterfly Assortment Candles. They're sure to make your cakes look enchanting and bring smiles to everyone at the celebration!

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