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Candy Boxes Offer the Perfect Finishing Touch

One of the characteristics of good candy is just how tempting it looks, which is why expert candy makers put so much effort into the packaging of their masterpieces. We offer an excellent selection of candy packaging supplies with some superb options to provide attractive storage for your candy creations. Not only are our packaging options eye-catching and beautifully styled, they're also designed to offer robust protection for your candy from chipping or squashing.

Caramel Wrappers and Cellophane Candy Wrappers

Candy tastes fantastic, but it can also be terribly sticky. Cellophane candy wrappers are the perfect solution for gooey or sticky candy, providing an attractive appearance at the same time as containing the stickiness effectively. The same goes for caramels. Nobody wants a caramel that’s been dismembered by a wrapper that stuck to the candy and didn’t unwrap cleanly. We stock cellophane candy wrappers and caramel wrappers in a variety of colors and patterns, so if you've got a particular color scheme or theme in mind, take a look at some of our great options.

What About Some Candy Bags?

Ideal to hold party or wedding favors, Halloween treats or simply to give as amazing gifts that will always be well-received, our versatile collection of candy bags enable you to present your candies beautifully. Made from food safe materials and featuring a range of holiday and seasonal designs, bags give your candies a wonderfully professional touch.

Candy Boxes and Much More

In addition to a great selection of candy boxes in different shapes, sizes and colors, we also offer a number of other useful candy packaging options that can display your candies attractively at the same time as keeping them in good condition until they're to be sampled. To find out more or place an order, call us at (763) 784-2186.

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