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Variety of Cake Boards to Showcase Your Creation Beautifully

The right cake board not only provides a secure base on which to display your cake, it's also a key part of the decoration. We stock a great variety of cake boards in several different shapes and sizes. This enables you to pick one that's exactly right for the type of cake you've got in mind, providing the perfect backdrop for your confection.

Cupcake Containers and Cupcake Boxes

One of the challenges that many bakers face is trying to transport their cupcakes safely once they've been iced. Nobody wants smeared frosting! Our selection of cupcake boxes and packaging don't just look appealing (so an ideal option if you're gifting them), they're also designed to keep each cake in top condition until it's time to serve. Created to accommodate different numbers of cakes, these are an essential item if your cupcakes have to travel.

Cake Boxes Provide the Perfect Finishing Touch

A cake is always an attractive gift, so why not present it beautifully (and safely) in one of our cake boxes? Made from durable, food safe materials, each box provides a secure, robust protective shell around your cake. Essential if your cake needs to leave the building, a cake box also adds a superb, professional finishing touch.

Wide Range of Other Accessories

We offer a wide selection of top-quality cake decorating accessories, toppers, frosting, coloring and many more options. Whether you're making a cake to celebrate a special birthday or have created cupcakes for a bake sale or similar, we can provide the boards and boxes you need to contain them wonderfully well. To find out more or place an order, call us at (763) 784-2186.

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