Using Silicone Candy Molds to Increase Your Candy Repertoire

Everyone needs a little bit of sweetness in their lives now and then. Recently, more and more candy shops have begun to spring up, with delicious handmade candies that are often superior to anything you can buy in the grocery store. If you want to make your own candies, then one thing you can do to catch more people's attention is to use silicone candy molds to create distinctive and appealing treats.

How to Use Silicone Candy Molds

The silicone candy mold is one of the most popular types of candy mold. Silicone has gained a lot of favor in the industry as it is flexible, moldable, non-stick, works for a variety of materials like wax, and freezes well too. Because it is non-stick, it is easy to keep clean and also is easy to get candy out of the mold after they have hardened and cooled, without accidentally wrecking its shape. Silicone candy molds can be used for things such as chocolate, fondant, caramels and gum paste, but it cannot be used to make hard candy.

Some ways you can utilize your silicone candy molds:

  • Fun-Shaped Chocolates – Chocolate is probably the world's most popular kind of candy. There are so many holidays and special events that are celebrated partly by eating chocolate. On the next holiday, such as Easter, for example, make your own chocolate candies shaped like bunnies, Easter eggs, or crosses.
  • Decorating Cakes – When you want to decorate a cake, the only limit is your imagination. Silicone chocolate and candy molds can help you bring your vision to life more easily. Use silicone molds to trim and decorate your cakes with chocolate, fondant or gum paste. You can make a gum paste couple for a wedding cake, trim a cake with dark chocolate rope or white chocolate lace, or incorporate cobblestones, feathers, or snowflakes and icicles into your cake's design. With silicone molds, all of these are possibilities!
  • Making Candles and Balms – Wax and balms will set easily and pop right out of a silicone mold! Make unique and fun gifts and save some money while you're at it!

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