Real Chocolate vs. Chocolate Melts: What's the Difference?

Real Chocolate vs. Chocolate Melts: What's the Difference?

Hello, Chocolatiers! At Lynn's, we're often asked about the difference between real chocolate and melting chocolate commonly referred to as candy melts. Both have their unique place in the world of chocolate making, and today, we're going to explore the delicious differences and similarities. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cooking hero, understanding these variations can elevate your chocolate creations!

What is "Real Chocolate"

Real chocolate is the traditional choice for many chocolate lovers. Made from cocoa butter and cocoa solids, it's the classic version of chocolate we have come to know and love in bars and luxury confections.

While real chocolate is renowned for its rich flavor and smooth texture, it required a process called tempering to achieve this beautiful end result. If you would like to know more about tempering we wrote an article about How to Temper Chocolate. For the purposes of this article it's enough to know that real chocolate requires tempering, and during this process cocoa butter crystals are aligned, giving the chocolate a glossy finish and a satisfying snap when broken.

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If tempering sounds like a lot don't worry, that's where chocolate melts comes in.

What Are Chocolate Melts?

Chocolate melts, also known as compound chocolate or chocolate wafers, offer a world of convenience. Unlike real chocolate, they contain vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter, which means they don't require tempering. This makes them a go-to choice for quick and easy melting, ideal for coating, dipping, or decorating.

Chocolate melts come in various colors and flavors, adding versatility to your baking arsenal. They are perfect for crafting themed treats or experimenting with different colored chocolates palettes. Want to explore these convenient options? Dive into our Chocolate Melts Collection to find your next favorite!

Choosing What’s Best for Your Creations

So, how do you decide between real chocolate and chocolate melts? It depends on your project and skill level. If you're after a gourmet taste with a professional sheen, real chocolate is your friend. On the other hand, if you seek ease of use, consistent melting, and colorful designs, chocolate melts are the way to go.


Whether you choose the rich elegance of real chocolate or the playful versatility of chocolate melts, both offer unique benefits for your culinary creations. At Lynn's Cake, Candy, and Chocolate Supplies, we celebrate the diversity and joy that chocolate, in all its forms, brings to our lives. Shop now to explore our wide range of chocolate options, and let your chocolate journey begin!

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