Superfine Ground Espresso

SKU: L29-8714


We worked with a local roaster to offer this Superfine Triple Ground Espresso.  You can use this 2 ways for absolutely delicious results!  Mix with your truffle chocolate for a tasty Espresso Truffle or for those of us who like a more simple option, make an Espresso Chocolate Bark.  Just melt down our chocolate wafers, add the Espresso, and spread out on parchment paper.  We have created samples with our Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate wafers.  It took us a while, but we have the perfect ratio of Espresso to chocolate!  Interestingly, the white has a different ratio than the milk.

Sold in a .10 pound container.  The ratio for making a Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate bark will be on the label for you!

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