Several Cupcakes with blue frosting and Sprinkles in a row

Use Cupcake Sprinkles to Jazz Up Your Decorating

The cupcake has quickly become one of the most popular desserts in the USA and the rest of the world. These miniature cakes in a cup are hitting it off because of their single-serve nature which makes it fun and easy to decorate each one in a batch uniquely. One of the easiest- and most enjoyable- ways to mix it up with your cupcake decorating is with cupcake sprinkles. The next time you are making cupcakes, check out the wide array of cupcake sprinkles and other toppings available at Lynn’s.

Use Cupcake Sprinkles to Celebrate a Special Day

Cupcakes have become a favorite treat to eat on special occasions such as birthday and holiday parties. When you are decorating cupcakes specifically for a birthday party or a holiday celebration, don’t just use any old sprinkles. There are so many sprinkles out there, from multicolored jimmies and chocolate sprinkles to tiny black bats and white ghosts for Halloween. For a birthday, pick out a special color combination appropriate for the occasion, or maybe heart or snowflake sprinkles. There are also shaped sprinkles that are perfect for several different holidays, from Easter and St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more.

The Perfect Finish

Because of the large variety of sprinkles available, there is almost infinite potential for different decorating ideas. With their different shapes, various colors, sweetness, and slight crunch, putting sprinkles on top of cupcakes makes them that much more special and appealing. If you plan on using chocolate sprinkles, however, make sure you purchase ones that are made with real chocolate- we’ll be glad to help you find them!

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