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$7.75 - $17.95

Quality Cake Dummies for Every Skill Level

Cake dummies are a great way of giving your cake added height, layers, and visual interest without needing to bake more cake than necessary. Not only can a cake dummy take the place of a cake to save on ingredients, it's also ideal for situations where additional, light cake layers are needed.

Ice Cake Dummies Just Like Normal Cakes

One of the benefits of working with Styrofoam Cake Dummies is that they can be used in exactly the same way as a cake. Just place the cake dummy on a suitable surface and start icing! A great addition in tiered cakes, a cake dummy can also be used for single layer celebration or event cakes.

Styrofoam Cake Dummies in Various Sizes

Our cake dummies are available as squares, rectangles and circles, each in several convenient sizes. Once you receive your cake dummy, it can be used in exactly the same way as a standard cake. The cake dummy is moisture resistant and safe for use with foodstuffs- so long as it’s not eaten!. We offer a good range of cake dummies, including ones which are suitable for anything from birthday to wedding cakes!

Cost-Effective Way to Add Some Style

We keep prices low, enabling every cake decorator to take advantage of our generous supply of frosting, flavoring, cake toppers, sprinkles and other great items. This means that not only can you purchase a cake dummy from us; we've also got everything you need to decorate it perfectly. To find out more or to place an order, call us at (763) 784-2186.

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