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Cake and Cupcake Sprinkles Can Transform Your Baking

Sprinkles, jimmies, or decorettes are a perennial favorite that never go out of style. Whether you opt for chocolate sprinkles or colored sprinkles, they're going to be a popular choice. We stock a wide selection of delicious sprinkles, toppers and other goodies need to turn your cake into a masterpiece!

Customize Your Creations

Cupcake sprinkles, dusts, and other toppings are a great way of making sure your cakes have a splash of color and crunch that puts your treats over the top. Naturally, we have traditional sprinkles, but as a specialty baking supplier, we also have sugars, glitters – edible of course, dusts, pearls, gumballs, and glazes! Try something new from our huge selection and turn heads with your next baking project!

Colored Sprinkles for Festive Treats

Colored sprinkles can complement other cake decorations, or be used on their own as an attractive addition to your confections. As well as individual sprinkle colors, we also stock carefully chosen combinations which are ideal for particular occasions such as 4th of July (check out our patriotic sprinkles), Valentines and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Whenever there's an occasion that warrants a cake, we can provide the sprinkles to finish it perfectly.

Sprinkles for Cupcakes and Much More

Our aim is to provide every customer with a stunning selection of sprinkles, cake toppers and other decorating aids that provide the means for every cake to be a spectacular success. If you want your cakes to stand out for all the right reasons, we can help. For further information about our products, or to place an order, call us at (763) 784-2186.

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