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Chocolate Candy Melter

Chocolate Candy Melter

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The ChocoMaker Candy Melter is perfect for melting chocolate, decorating cake pops, making candies, fondue and more.

The 2 lb. capacity makes it the perfect size for chocolate parties and entertaining. The candy melter comes complete with all the accessories you need for dipping and decorating. With a dual-temperature control switch and pour spout, the ChocoMaker® Candy Melter provides everything you need to make delicious candy - and it's easy to clean. While melting your chocolate be constantly stirring. Once chocolate is melted, turn dial to WARM. Leaving the dial on Melt will cause the chocolate to burn!

Dimensions: 8.5W x 7H inches.

*This is not a chocolate-tempering machine.

Check out the 3 cavity Silicone Insert for this melter featured below! You can melt 3 different chocolates at once.

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