About Us

Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supply is a full-service cake and candy supplies store that has been in business since 1979. Our 5,400 sq. ft. retail store is located in Fridley, MN. We are truly a unique business specializing in everything a person would ever need to decorate cakes & cupcakes, make candies, or create chocolate treats. We provide professional industry products for everyday folks. Our store is fully stocked with 1000’s of cookie cutters, cake & candy packaging, 100’s of sprinkles, flavorings, colorants, molds, & 30 varieties of chocolate. It is commonly referred to as “The Happy Place”. Our customers are everything to us! In this day and age of the cold online buying experience, we have gone the complete opposite direction. Whether your purchase be online or in person, we strive to make you feel valued and appreciated. It might be our handwritten note on your invoice or a warm smile in the store, we are here and happy to serve you! We answer questions, we provide insight, we do everything we can to ensure our customers, both instore and online, have a personalized experience. We try to search for products that are unique and supplement our standard cake and candy making supply lines. We feature a classroom for buttercream and fondant classes. We also host Cupcake and Chocolate birthday parties. Below is an In-Store Tour of our retail space. Whether you're in a different state or just don't like to drive, we realize that visiting our store is not possible for some of you. Well rejoice! Enjoy this point-of-view tour. From entering the store to walking down each aisle, we hope you'll get a taste of what its like to be in the Happy Place. From our Happy Place to yours - thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate you! You are awesome!!


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