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Choose below from our wide selection of chocolate coatings (melting chocolate)! All these chocolates DO NOT need to be tempered. They can be melted in the microwave or double boiler and will return to hardened state unlike real chocolates. All these chocolates can be used for dipping, chocolate fountains, mold work, drizzles, cake pops, candy making, & more! Many of our current customers have had a prior unpleasant experience with using other brands of coatings that are not the same quality to which we carry. The chocolate was not easy to work with and had a waxy taste. We are extremely picky about which brands of chocolate coatings we carry, and this is NOT the case with what we sell! All our coatings have phenomenal taste, are extremely easy to work with, & are high-quality for a great price! You are a high-quality candy maker and deserve a high-quality chocolate!


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