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Specialty Finishes – Royal Icing, Gumpaste and Sugar

Are you looking to do something with a cool, natural decoration for cupcakes or cakes? When you’re trying to achieve an extraordinary look for your baked crafts, the choice- and all the hard work- is already done for you! Many folks find the answer- and look like a genius doing it- when they select one of the three options in the following cake decoration supplies categories: Royal Icing, Gumpaste, Sugar

Royal Icing and Gumpaste

These are commonly used to create absolutely incredible flowers and flower arrangements. Their beauty and real life appearance make them a very popular choice for wedding cakes, anniversaries, parties, and special events. Items made with Royal Icing and Gumpaste will dry to a very hardened state. Wonderful to look at, not to eat.


These beauties are so versatile and provide a vast array of edible options to enhance your masterpiece. With close to a hundred designs, Sugar Decorations are sure to provide the perfect choice.

All told, Royal Icing, Gumpaste, and Sugars provide unique ideas in 16 categories. When creating your next cake or cupcakes, make sure to consider topping them with one of these amazing offerings.

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