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Call the store to schedule - the more notice the better (dates can fill up fast).

Birthday Parties are currently unavailable


- The event lasts 60-75 minutes.  We suggest arriving early to browse all of the items in the store (you will be amazed).

- Limited to 8 participants (Excluding the adult chaperone for kid's parties).

- Each participant will learn how to fill a cupcake with delicious filling and a couple frosting techniques with different piping tips. You'll then use those new skills to decorate 4 cupcakes with our delicious buttercream frosting - with your choice of fun colors and filling flavors!

-  Each attendee will leave with their 4 cupcakes safely stored in a clear plastic clamshell container and the satisfaction of being a master decorator (ok, maybe not...but you'll be excited to do more!)

- Cost is $20 per person (1 on 1 class is $50)



- The event lasts 60-75 minutes.  Definitely arrive early, we have over 500 different chocolate molds and 30 varieties of chocolate to get you ready!

- This is a beginner, fun class designed to introduce you to the ease of making chocolate candy in neat designs.

- Limited to 8 participants (excluding the adult chaperone for kid's parties).

- Learn the difference between real chocolate and a chocolate coating. Taste different flavors and decide which you like best.

- See how to melt chocolate, add flavoring, color, and paramount crystals, and properly fill a mold.

- Each attendee will leave with their own homemade chocolate candies & a belly full of samples!

- Cost is $50 per person 

CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. We will offer classes again in Jan 2024.


Choose from two class options: Basic Buttercream or Basic Fondant.

In the BUTTERCREAM class you will learn how to make: roses & leaves, basket weave, cake borders, writing techniques, and easy cupcake decorating.

In the FONDANT class you will learn how to: prepare your cake for fondant, cover a cake with fondant, make a variety of flowers, and use cutters & plungers to make fun decorations.


- You'll need a small supply list which you can buy at our store.  For the BUTTERCREAM class, you'll need 5-6 tips, a couple disposble bags, a coupler, and frosting.  Typically the instructor will make a running tab for you during the class.  At the conclusion of the class, you'll receive a 10% coupon which can be used for all of your items (or wait & use it down the road).  The 10% discount can't be applied to the cost of the class. If you already own your tips & couplers, make sure to bring them with you to class! 

- Call the store to schedule or get clarification to any questions

- We strongly recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your class.  You can grab any supplies you'll need & also be able to see all of the items we have in stock to help you with your future goodies.

- Classes last 2 hours

- Cost is:

      - $50/person + each student typically spends another $20 on supplies (frosting, tips, bags, etc).


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