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Lynn’s Impressive Chocolate Coating Selection

Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supplies stocks the largest variety of chocolate coating products that you’ll find anywhere! Our impressive array of colors and flavors is sure to give you some fun ideas!

What is a Chocolate Coating?

A Chocolate Coating is commonly known by many names: confectionery coating, candy melt, candy coating, and dipping coating.

What is the difference between a chocolate coating and real chocolate?

There are 2 main differences.

The first is the fat compound used to make them. Real chocolate uses a cocoa butter base while chocolate coatings use natural oils such as a palm kernel oil.

The second difference is the outer surface.

Once melted real chocolate cools off, is remains soft (picture the inside of a truffle). To achieve a hardened result, the real chocolate needs to be tempered.

Conversely, once a melted chocolate coating cools off, it naturally returns to a hardened state (picture the outside shell of chocolates from a Valentine heart).

A chocolate coating is the perfect finishing touch for many goodies. Dipping fruit, sandwich cookies, nougat, and pretzel sticks are common and fun practices. Let your imagination run wild! Additional easy-to-do activities include pouring into a plastic mold to create your own chocolate candy and suckers, or making your own chocolate covered cherries.

Here at Lynns Cake and Candy Supplies, we take pride in providing the absolute finest tasting chocolate coatings. We have a wide variety of specialty colors and flavors including milk, white, dark, vanilla, strawberry, orange, lemon, sea salt caramel, marshmallow, peanut butter, and cinnamon cream cheese.

Want to create something unique? We have 93 different flavors to craft your very own taste.

Chocolate Coating samples and answers are always free at Lynns Cake and Candy Supplies.

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