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Never Bake without Cake Boards

Picture this nightmare… You’ve just baked the perfect cake, frosted it with amazing buttercream from Lynn’s Cake, and piped absolutely beautiful flowers and decorations. This cake is it. Your personal best.

As you’re strutting around the kitchen making your victory poses, you notice something… Oh, oh… Why did you decorate the cake on the pan.. How are you going to move your work of art to the proper base? You cringe at the thought of what is about to happen…

Thankfully this isn’t your nightmare. Why? Because you planned ahead and got your Cake Boards and Drums from Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supplies.

Huge Selection of Cake Boards

A firm foundation is the key to any success. When baking, that firm foundation is using the correct Cake Board or Drum.

Our “firm foundations” come in 5 varieties. From fancy to basic, lightweight to heavy duty, and small to big, we’ve got the support you need.

Basic Cardboard

These come in either uncoated or coated varieties. The coated version protects from unsightly saturation into the board.

Double Wall Cardboard

These bad boys provide heavy duty support for sheet cakes.

White Scalloped Plastic Boards

Offer increased strength over cardboard and an upgraded appearance.

Cake Drums

A combination of beauty and strength (we’re talking about the board, not the person in your mirror). Cake drums are made of ½” cardboard and wrapped in gold, silver, or white foil for a very classy look.

Masonite Boards

These ¼” boards provide a heavy duty base. Keep in mind, they will require a foil wrap to match that pretty cake you just made.

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