Wax Caramel/Taffy Wrappers - Orange 4 x 5

$4.75 - $25.50
SKU: L05-6762


These Caramel Wrappers are the PERFECT choice for your caramel goodies!  Caramel won't stick and the wrapper holds it's twisted shape.


Pair these wrappers with our delicious caramel blocks #23-0069.

http://www.lynnscakeandcandy.com/caramel-loaf-peters.html.  Simply cut into bite sized pieces and add your secret ingredients and toppings!!!


Counts are approximate as product is packaged and sold by weight. Exact wax content (thickness) may vary from each product type and factory run.

.15 lb. contains approximately 90 sheets

 1 lb packages contains approximately 600 sheets

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