VelveTop Vanilla Liquid Non-Dairy Icing and Filling 8 lbs (in store ONLY)

SKU: L23-0042

FROZEN PRODUCT - IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY!!  This product is listed on our website for customers who preorder the product and pick it up at our store.  We can NOT safely ship this product as it requires dry ice and the cost is too high.

VELVETOPTM Liquid Non-Dairy
Whipped Icing and Filling
Handling Instructions
Product Handling
• When product is received, store frozen.
• Thaw product completely under refrigeration (35°F-39°F), 48 hours prior to use.
• Never thaw by placing container in hot water or leaving out at room temperature.
• Do not refreeze liquid after thawing. Unopened, thawed product can be stored at refrigerated temperature
(35°F-39°F) for up to 8 weeks.
• For best results, whip products at 45°F-48°F.
• Stir before using. Make sure all ice crystals are completely thawed before mixing.
• Unwhipped product should not sit out unrefrigerated for more than 20 minutes.
Whipping Instructions
• Shake container well before opening.
• Pour liquid into clean, dry mixing bowl.
• Optimum product temperature should be 45°F-48°F.
• Mix on medium speed with a wire whip for approximately 7-10 minutes or until soft peaks form.
• The colder the product, the longer the mix time. The warmer the product, the shorter the mix time.
Note: Icing should be checked during mixing. Mixing times will vary depending on temperature of the
product. To check for proper consistency, stop the mixer. Using a spatula, make a furrow through the icing
deep into the bowl. The furrow should remain in the icing when the spatula is removed. The side walls of the
furrow should remain slightly firm and not cave in.
Mixer Size and Amount of Product
Mixer Size Amount of Liquid Product
20 qt. bowl 8.5 lbs. (1/1 gallon carton)
30 qt. bowl 17.0 lbs. (2/1 gallon cartons)
60 qt. bowl 25.5 lbs. (3/1 gallon cartons)
80 qt. bowl 34.0 lbs. (4/1 gallon cartons)
Dawn VELVETOPTM Non-Dairy Whipped Icing and Filling will have an overrun of approximately 2.5 to 3
times its original volume (20 and 30-quart bowl sizes are recommended to produce the best results).
Shelf Life
Unopened, frozen 1 year
Display, frozen 90 days
Covered, refrigerated 3 weeks
Whipped, refrigerated 3 days
Display, refrigerated 7 days (Domed)
Display, room temperature 5 days (Domed)
Note: Do not overwhip or whip on high speed. Product will become stiff and aerated in texture. Product is
best if used 30-60 minutes after makeup. Refrigerate any unused product and use within three days of
preparation for maximum freshness.

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