Smoked Habanero Sea Salt

SKU: L29-1031

The hot, smoky spice of our Hellfire® Habanero Smoked Sea Salt by SaltWorks® will give you the delicious burn that you've been searching for! Right on trend with the spicy pepper flavors so popular in the gourmet world today, this flakey sea salt is extra smoky with a warming spice, and just the right amount of savory tang to make Hellfire more mouthwatering than just plain, old hot sauce. Using SaltWorks proprietary smoking process, we create this wonderful, all-natural smoked salt by starting with our famous Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt, slow smoking it over real mesquite wood, and adding spicy habanero peppers and juicy limes. The crisp, flakey texture, smoky heat and citrusy bite of this piquant combination are delicious on chocolate and just about any dish, from grilled fish and flank steak to guacamole and corn on the cob. 

Sold in a .4 oz pouch.

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