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Silicone Candy Molds Provide Plenty of Imaginative Options

The days when candy could only be molded into rectangles or spheres are long gone. Candy making molds enable modern confectioners to create anything from traditional chocolate box shapes through to hearts, roses, and even Easter bunnies! We offer a great selection of molds that are suitable for almost every occasion.

Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds for Customized Presents

If you want to create gifts or items for sale that are appealing and appetizing yet simple to make, a candy mold can work really well. Simply melt chocolate, pour into the molds and leave to cool in order to create beautifully shaped candies that look amazing. Because the shape can be changed according to the occasion, it's possible to create chocolate gifts that are relevant and engaging as well as extremely tasty!

Silicone Candy Molds Are Easy to Work With

Chocolate, toffee and other confectionery can be difficult to work with, as the sugar can make everything sticky. One of the real advantages of silicone is that it's non-stick; simply pour in chocolate or some other candy, leave to cool and the candy shapes can be easily pushed out of the mold. There's no need to grease or line the mold and removing the contents is almost always straight-forward. You can use them to make fun shaped tea candles or pour in some juice and make shaped ice cubes. They won’t crack when frozen and are dishwasher safe!

Candy Making Molds for Less

Our silicon chocolate candy molds and other appealing items are all offered at low prices, enabling as many people as possible to get the candy making equipment they need. Every item is sourced from a top manufacturer, ensuring excellent performance and quality no matter what you decide to purchase from us. To place an order, or for anything else, call us at (763) 784-2186.

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