Merckens Marquis Real Milk Chocolate Wafers

SKU: L26-0454


This is the crown jewel of the Merckens line.  It is their premium REAL milk chocolate.  Made in wafers for easy melting and tempering. Merckens Marquis Milk Chocolate has a rich dairy and chocolate flavor. Cacao Range: 32-34% with 120 Viscosity.  This real chocolate must be tempered (if using for molds or the outer shell of a truffle).

Chocolate may melt in shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures or shipping to warmer climates or if sitting in the back of a delivery truck (it gets very warm back there). If it melts during shipping, it can be remelted.

Flat $5-$8 SHIPPING LIMITATIONS - When an order hits $70, you can order up to 20 pounds of combined chocolate and coatings for $5 - $8 SHIPPING (based on what state we ship to). For combined orders exceeding 20 pounds, we will contact you PRIOR to processing your order with shipping charges

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