High Ratio Icing Shortening - 4 lb.

SKU: L23-9860
  • Alpine shortening for making Icing.  New formulation contains no PHOs or Trans Fats.
  • Please request a directions sheet in the notes section if you'd like one
  • Net Weight: 4 lbs
  • The shipping cost for 2-4 containers (of only this product in 1 box) is capped at $22.00.  If your shortening order has a higher shipping charge at checkout, I will adjust your shipping charge down to $22.00 prior to finalizing your sale and shipping your tubs of shortening.  If you've added other items to your order & they can fit in the same box, the shipping will remain at $22 but there are no guarantees based on the other item sizes & weights.

NOTE: WE CAN NOT SHIP DURING WARM WEATHER MONTHS - The product will melt and separate!  In colder climates we can typically ship this product from October - April.  In warmer climates it may only be December - February.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MELTED PRODUCT OR DAMAGE ASSOCIATED WITH MELTED PRODUCT!  We do not use ice packs or cooler boxes to ship this product.

Not eligible for free shipping. 


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