DAWN Fudge Frosting

$7.50 - $13.80
SKU: L23-0059


This fudge frosting is absolutely AMAZING!  It features an extremely smooth feel & decadent taste.

We repackage the frosting from the pail to smaller containers. We fill the smaller containers until they are full, we do not sell our packaged frosting at one specific weight. When ordering smaller sizes, we will get as close as possible to weight ordered and then refund any left over funds back to your card if the weight does not match up exactly.

Order the total amount of pounds you want.  We will use a combination of our 1# & 2# containers to ship the quantity you ordered.


If you'd like to know exactly what your shipping charges will be prior to placing an order, simply email us your zip code & quantity you're looking for. (lynn@lynnscakeandcandy.com).

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