Clear Cellophane Caramel Wrappers

4in X 4.5in.
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$4.95 - $28.50
SKU: L05-0808


These cello candy wrappers provide a great solution for all of your chocolate and caramel wrapping needs. They are the "CLEAR" choice - with a robust size of 4" X 4 1/2". These Clear Cello Wrappers are the PERFECT choice for your caramel goodies!  Caramel won't stick and the wrapper holds it's twisted shape. Choose from pack of 1000 or aprx. 100.

Caramel Wrappers are sold by weight and counts are approximate.

Pair these wrappers with our delicious caramel blocks featured below. Simply cut into bite sized pieces, then add your secret ingredients, dip them, and wrap!!

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