Candy-Flo Chocolate Coloring Additive

SKU: L05-4952

This is a great new product from Chefmaster.  When mixed with Chefmaster Liqua-gel colors, they can now be used to color chocolate & chocolate coatings!  Historically, you could never add a water-based food color gel to chocolate because it would sieze up, but now you can! 


  • Melt 1# chocolate
  • In a separate bowl, mix 1 ½ Tablespoons Candy-Flo with 1 teaspoon Liqua-gel color
  • Pour the mix into the melted chocolate, gently stirring until the color is evenly dispersed
  • Add more Candy-Flo as needed to keep the chocolate a workable consistency

Here's the link to all of our Chefmaster Liqua-gel colors:

  • Turns any Liqua-Gel water based color into fat soluble candy color!
  • Makes the color rich and vibrant
  • Adds shine and improves texture
  • Easy-to-use squeeze bottle
  • Usage ratio: 5 parts Candy-Flo to 1 part Liqua-Gel

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