Callebaut Ruby Chocolate

$18.95 - $74.50
SKU: L26-5334


After dark, milk and white, Ruby is the most uncommon discovery over the past 80 years in the chocolate industry. No added flavors or coloring, this chocolate is harvested from the ruby cocoa bean. It features a fruity taste with a sour note.  It is extremely smooth - your typical Callebaut belgian chocolate!

Sold in a repackaged 1 pound bag or 5.5 pound bulk bag.

Minimum of 33% total cocoa solids. 35.9% total fat. 

Flat $10 SHIPPING LIMITATIONS - When an order hits $70, you can order up to 20 pounds of combined chocolate and coatings for $10 SHIPPING (based on what state we ship to). For combined orders exceeding 20 pounds, we will contact you PRIOR to processing your order with shipping charges


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