Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Color .75 oz

SKU: L23-1351
  • State-of-the-art food technology is why soft gel paste has so many advantages over other food colors
  • Color molecule encapsulation creates a barrier that greatly reduces any aftertaste while dramatically reducing fading
  • Soft Gel Paste's superior formulation can withstand the harsh freeze/thaw cycle without colors bleeding
  • Frozen cakes which are set out at room temperature will form condensation. Soft Gel Paste will not run with the moisture like other food colors
  • This technology controls fading to less than 20%, even in extreme conditions
  • Soft Gel Pastes will not break down icing even the more delicate non-dairy whipped toppings
  • It will not separate or weep and does not harden
  • The base ingredients allow the color to disperse immediately so you actually use less colors

 Size: .75 oz bottle

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