Ambrosia Landmark Milk Chocolate Coating

$6.50 - $270.00
SKU: L26-8145


We do NOT pack the chocolate in ice packs. If ordering during warm months or shipping to a warm state, melting will occur. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any chocolate that arrives melted. If melting occurs, it can be remelted without any performance or taste issues.

Ambrosia Landmark Milk Chocolate Coating is now made in WAFERS!!! 

Enjoy the benefits of wafers:

- Less Mess (no more busting up the blocks with that old hammer)

- Easier Melting (wafers dissipate heat better w/ less risk of hot spots that can sieze up your chocolate)

The wafers feature the same wonderful aroma & wax-free milk chocolate taste!  Perfect for dipping, making chocolate candies with one of our 1000's of molds, or making a chocolate bark!  This is a chocolate coating - also known as a confectioners coating or candy coating.  It does not require tempering to produce a hardened, glossy finished result.


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